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We are as fan love to know about the lifestyle of our favorite celebrities. Its wish of everyone to get in touch with showbiz starts. We have keen interest to get know about the bio of our Pakistani celebrities. We are very found to learn that which celebrity is dating with which. Who is married and when he/she got married. How he/she found his love interest. Who is most famous? And even we sometimes we have some questions which we want the celebrities to answer. Pakistani Showbiz Magazine Provide the solution for your need.

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Here New Talent Production also provides the first online showbiz magazine. You can be updated about your favorite celebrities. You will get to know wants going on in their life. We also try to publish an exclusive interview of your favorite celebrities every month. That’s why we say we are best entertainer.


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Amit Tandon is one of the famous an Indian singer and TV actor. Amit is well known for his role Prithvi Bose in Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai and Dr.Abhimanyu Modi in Dil Mil Gaye. He is really very humble and sweet person by nature. We have a conversation with him at first online pakistani showbiz magazine . Read and appreciate.


Sheraz Sikandar is Pakistani model and performer. In view of his extraordinary looks, cleaned aptitude and obligation, model and performing craftsman Sheraz Sikandar has gained a huge amount of ground in a fairly restricted ability to center time. We have conversation with himat first online pakistani showbiz magazine. Read and appreciate.


Syed Ali Hassan one of the Pakistani leading actor and producer. Best known for his role in drama Meri Saheli Meri Bhabi. He is so friendly in nature that we did not feel like we had a conversation with him firstly. He is really a humble and loving person by nature. Here is the conversion we have with the actor at first online pakistani showbiz magazine.  Read and appreciate.